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Optimal Design for strong primary stability

Stable RBM Sufrace

Stable Prosthetic connection



Conical Narrow Apex

Conical Narrow Apex helps self tapping.

There is thread bottom of Apex, so even if minimum drilling, 

never spinning without engagement




Magic Thread

Curved reverse tri-angle type

upper angle 15’ , lower angle 60’

Easy insertion, but if fixed, hard to pull out

Curved tri-angle makes much space for bone fil



Bio Seal

Advanced switching form concept

We makes grove on top of machine area and 

makes many micro groove on that big groove.

So, machined area height is only 0.5mm, 

but more than 1mm soft tissue can be attached this area




Stable RBM Surface

Since 2000, Neobiotech have produced RBM surface 

for 16years, and improved and stabilized RBM treatment



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Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit

Universal Prosthetic Kit

Universal Prosthetic Kit

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