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Strong, Stable, Speedy

Milling Maching 







Cameleon milling machine is an economically automated open milling system

that maximizes the task efficiency by quickly identifying accurate margin

and precise occlusion of all restorations using various restorative materials. 






  Module upgrade System  

Cameleon milling machine is the first to adopt

the Module Upgrade System that allows axis upgrade from

3 to 5 axis at user’s convenience for economical

and work efficiency. 




Practical use of different materials


Practical use of different materials - Zirconia, Titanium, PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate), Glass Ceramic, Resin, Wax etc. with Neobiotech CAD/CAM System

Application in various cases - Titan Abutment Rod, Core, Full Arch, Full Crown, Custom Abutment, etc. With open system, it is compatible with all standard dental CAD software solutions such as 3Shape, Dental Wings, Exocad, Delcam, etc. 

  Titaium Abutment



 Zirconia  Wax  Glass Ceramic  Custom Abutment  


  Accurate Milling with 3~5Axis  

3 to 5 axis milling that speeds manufacturing and

increases the accuracy of margin and occlusion.

(With module addition 3-> 5Axis upgrade) 

Excellent milling results with harmonious sending and

rotational speed Generating optimal data suitable for

the CAM Software milling 









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