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Easier apporach

Easier drilling



















기존의 가이드 키트들은 핸들가이드 홀더를 포함하여 한손으로 가이드 홀더를 잡고 드릴링을 해야하는 번거러움이 있었다.

 또한 드릴링 과정에서 홀더가 움직여서 초기드릴링을 정확하게 할수가 없어 최종식립이 원래계획과 달라지는 경우가 종종 있었다.

네오바이오텍의 가이드 키트는 이러한 단점을 보완하여, 가이드 홀더를 없애고, 드릴로 바로 접근하도록 제작되어

좀더 쉽고 편리하게 드릴링을 할수 있다.













Various type drivers for placement

Mount type with Stopper

 Mount type with Off set 

No mount Contra angle type

No mount Ratchet type






























Neo 3D guide Kit에는 여러종류의 임플란트 드라이버가 있어서, 상황이나 취향에 따라 적절한 드라이버를 선택하여 사용할수 있다.

Stop이 있는 fixture driver와 off set을 적용하여 1.5mm, 3mm 깊이를 조절할수 있는 마운트 형태의 드라이버,

일반 콘트라 앵글용이지만 off set을 적용한 드라이버, 핸드 라쳇용등 다양한 종류의 fixture driver가 들어있다.

좀더 쉽고 편리하게 드릴링을 할수 있다.













Special Designed Drill

Low speed drilling

Easy to control drilling

Harvesting bone






























저속 드릴링(50rpm)을 사용하여, 소음이 거의 없고, Bone heating이 없어, 주수할 필요가 없어, 환자에게 좋다.

그러나 저속드릴의 경우 절삭력이 떨어져 딱딱한 뼈에는 드릴링이 되지 않거나 시간이 오래걸리는 경우가 있다.

Neo 3D guide Kit내의 드릴은 특수한 구조로 제작되어 저속드릴링이지만 우수한 절삭력을 가지고 있고,

드릴링시 본을 채취하도록 설계되어, 본을 재사용할수도 있다.






















 1. Initial Drill

 Make a position and drill to the front of the  inferior cortical wall("D")

 - Stopper : Depth("D") less 1~2mm

 - Speed : 1,200RPM

2. Surgical Drill (not included Kit)

 Widening hole for easy bone insertion later

3. S Reamer

 Drill inferior cortical wall and lift sinus  membrane about 1mm

 - Stopper : Same length as depth if you don't  feel the perforation of the inferior cortical wall,  change stopper to depth + 1mm 

4. Depth Gauge

 Check the inferior wall's perforation by hanging  the end of the depth gauge in the sinus wall

 - Stopper : Depth + 1mm

 5. Bone Carrier + Condenser

 Fill carrier and insert bone graft (0.05cc)

 Push bone graft into sinus(Condenser)

 - Stopper : Same length as depth

6. Bone spreader

 Spread the bone laterally in sinus area wall("D")

 Use the bone spreader after inserting bone  twice(more than 0.1cc)

 - Stopper : Depth + 1mm

 - Spedd : 80rpm

7. Final drill

 Final drilling and counter sink or tap drill  (dpending on bone density)

8. Implantation

 Place an CMI implant











































1. The residual bone height of #26 and 27 were estimated as 8.2mm and 6.4mm respectively. It was required the membrane to lift up about 4~6mm


2. Drill 1mm shorter than residual bone height until 3.8mm drill in diameter.

3. Mount 1mm longer stopper than the drilling length in step 2 on the 3.6mm S-reamer.









4. If the inferior cortical wall does not perforate until stopper reaches to crestal bone, drill again using the 1mm longer stopper mounted in S-reamer










5. Use the drilling speed at 800 ~ 1,200 rpm with copious irrigation. Stopper provides you the safe operation. It is possible to feel perforation while drilling. Drill comfortably with perpendicularity pressure 


6. Eash of them were perforated at 9mm and 7mm. To confirm membrane of cortical wall, residual bone must be checked by depth gauge carefully and exactly. Do not feel membrane with Depth gauge. 

7. As the sinus membrane is lifted up about 4 to 6mm to an apical direction, the fixture specification is 5.0 in diameter x 11.5mm in length. 


8. Insert the bone material till height you want continually.


 9. After inserting the suitable bone, insert the bone in the sinus with the bone condenser which combined with stopper

10. Pack the bone in sinus with stopper mounted on bone condenser. The stopper size should be same as the residual bone height.

11. Recommend to use the bone spread with stopper in order to spread the inserted bone laterally ate every 0.2 ~ 0.3cc bone packing.

12. More than 3mm membrane elevation is required at first bone spread using. At every 0.2cc ~ 0.3cc bone insertion, required to spread the bone in sinus.





13. If the crest cortical bone density is the D2 level, the countersink is needed. Even though the hole was drilled smaller than expectation, it is possible to countersink as this drill is pointed.



14. Implant insertion : Use the suitable S-reamer and place Neo CMI implant fixture to obtain the initial fixation and self-compaction on D4

15. Place a 5.0 x 11.5mm Neo CMI implant to obtain the initial fixation and self-compaction on D4 bone.

16. Point of view on mouth and radiation(X-ray) after rebuilding prosthetic dentistry.











17. The image of completed prosthetic dentistry 







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