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Privacy Policy

Neobiotech USA.Inc
All Neobiotech USA.Inc implants and prosthetic components include a Lifetime Warranty. Neobiotech USA.Inc implant or prosthetic components will be replaced if removal of that product is due to failure (excluding normal wear to overdenture attachments).

(1) Surgical Drills and Taps: Surgical drills and taps include a warranty period of ninety (90) days from the date of initial invoice. Surgical instruments should be replaced when they become worn, dull, corroded or in any way compromised. Surgical drills should be replaced after 15 to 20 osteotomies.44

(2) Instruments: The Neobiotech USA.Inc supplied instrument warranty extends for a period of one (1) year from the date of initial invoice. Instruments include drivers, sinus lift components, implant site dilators and Neobiotech USA.Inc tools used in the placement or restoration of Neobiotech USA.Inc implants.

(3) VIP treatment planning software: VIP treatment planning software warranty extends for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of initial invoice. The warranty requires that VIP be used according to the minimum system requirements.

(4) Compu-Guide surgical templates: Compu-Guide surgical templates are distributed without making any modifications to the submitted Compu-Guide Prescription Form and VIP treatment plan ("as is"). Neobiotech USA.Inc does not make any warranties expressed or implied as it relates to surgical templates.

Return Policy: 
Product returns require a Return Authorization Form, which may be acquired by contacting Customer Care. The completed Return Authorization Form must be included with the returned product. For more information, please see the reverse side of the invoice that was shipped with the product.

Disclaimer of Liability
Neobiotech USA.Inc products may only be used in conjunction with the associated original components and instruments according to the Instructions for Use (IFU). Use of any non-Neobiotech USA.Inc products in conjunction with Neobiotech USA.Inc products will void any warranty or any other obligation, expressed or implied. Treatment planning and clinical application of Neobiotech USA.Inc products are the responsibility of each individual clinician. Neobiotech USA.Inc strongly recommends completion of postgraduate dental implant education and adherence to the IFU that accompany each product. Neobiotech USA.Inc is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages or liability relating to use of our products alone or in combination with other products other than replacement or repair under our warranties. Compu-Guide surgical templates are ordered under the control of a Clinician. The Clinician recognizes responsibility for use. Therefore, regardless of the real or proven damages, the liability to Neobiotech USA.Inc is limited to the price of the product directly related to the reason for the claim.

Distributed Products
For information on the manufacturer's warranty of distributed products, please refer to their product packaging. Distributed products are subject to price change without notice.
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