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Part 1: The Future of Implant Dentistry is here!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Monday, April 20, 2020 11:00AM~12:00PM PDT / Dr. Jeffery C. Platt



Jeffery C. Platt, DDS is a compassionate Colorado Springs dentist who provides general, implant, cosmetic, and

sedation dentistry. Dr. Platt is a graduate of the University

of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry. He has

additional education in orthodontics, restorative implants,

and implant surgery, endodontics, biomimetic and holistic dentistry, Ozone, dental materials, and their usages to name only a few of his extra educational achievements. Dr. Platt attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Dr. Platt lectures regularly teaching dentists how to use implants and how to perform the surgical and restorative part of implant dentistry. Dr. Platt is a member of AACD, ICOI, IADI, ABD, ADSM, ADA, CDA. 


How many times have you heard patients ask if they could have their implant crown

3 weeks after their surgery? How many times have you told your patient they need to

wait 3-6 months before they can have their crown? What if our patients have been right

all along! It is possible to have their crown routinely in 3-4 weeks following surgery!

This is the future of implant dentistry and we have data, we have the procedure,

we have been doing this for years with success!

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