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Surgical Accessory Kit

  • Surgical Accessory Kit 
    The Ultimate Surgical Assistant


    Comprehensive Solution for Dental Implant Surgery:
    Combines a variety of essential dental implant surgical tools in a single kit, facilitating efficient planning and optimal outcomes while prioritizing safety and precision.


    Tissue Carving: 
    Facilitates tissue removal for implantation without the need to reflect the gums, ensuring a minimally invasive approach.


    Diameter and Space Measurement: 
    Accurately measures and marks the diameter and space required for implant placement, ensuring precise positioning.


    Bone Surface Smoothing: 
    Smooths out uneven bone surfaces, optimizing conditions for implant integration and stability.


    Excessive Bone Growth Removal: 
    Removes or trims excessive bone growth around the fixture neck, promoting proper healing and long-term implant success.

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