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  • Painless Anesthesia, Because We Care

    It starts with an anesthetic injection that doesn’t hurt. Consideration for the patients. It’s more effective to use i-JECT for these patients.


    Patients with a Fear of Anesthesia

    Patients with Hypertension / Inflammation

    A First Visit / Woman / Child Patients

    - Resolving the Fear of Anesthetic Injection

    - Effective Anesthesia Time

    - Safe Quantitative Anesthesia Function

    - Psychological Placebo Effects of Patients


    What part of your body hurt the most when you were under anesthesia?

    52.7% of patients who visited the hospital said that dental anesthetic injection pain was the most painful.


    Oral cavity (in the mouth) 52.7%

    Face Area 21.7%

    Hand Part 10%

    Knee Area 7%

    Hip Area 6%


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