IT-III Active, an internal non-submerged type and tissue implant product, simplifies implantation depth control. S.L.A. surface of IT-III Active minimizeosseointegration period and its smooth body design maximizes initial stability for prosthetic loadig, or AnyTime Loading. 

IT-III Active Fixture

  • Dual Gingiva Collar Type - Applicable to various gingival height with dual gingiva collar type, 1.8mm and 2.8mm.

    S.L.A. Surface - Reduced osseointegration period with improved S.L.A.surface process technology.

    Deep & Wide Pitch - Increased stability and osseointegration rate with enlarged contact area between thread pitch and bone. 

    Wide Cutting Edge - Improved stability and sense of implantation with doubled cutting edge. 

    Straight Neck - Improved neck design to ease implantation depth control, without being blocked by cortical bone.