This hands-on interactive workshop is designed for the non-surgical clinician. It is a combination of lecture material, hand-outs, videos of selected procedures and hands-on model surgery. The value of the techniques discussed is that it is accomplished with limited incision and mucoperiosteal flap reflection. The membrane is elevated to the medial wall of the sinus without sharp dissection around roots of adjacent teeth. With this procedure, there is reduced morbidity, blood loss, operative time, post operative pain and complications.      sharp dissection around roots of adjacent teeth.


You will learn about

  • How to diagnose the patient for this procedure
  • Interpret CT-scans
  • Place implants into graft site
  • Perform Crestal approach (SCA) techniques
  • Perform Lateral window approach (SLA)  techniques
  • Repair sinus membrane perforation
  • Handling complications

July 25, 2021 Practical Sinus Elevation

  • Dr. Kent Hwang, D.D.S.  / COURSE DIRECTOR

    - Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), UCLA School of Dentistry

    - Former Director, Apsun Dental Implant Research & Education Center

    - Director, Global Academy of Osseointegration (GAO)

    - Founder and Director, Angel Dental Institute (ADI) in Los Angeles