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During the course, lecturer will discuss about the concept of osseointegration, terminology and components of implant and general implant placement surgical concept and protocol. Upon the completion of this course, each doctor also should be able to identify ideal implant candidates as well as diagnose & create treatment plans for ideal implant case types. An emphasis will be given to hands-on training including the use of typodent models focusing on surgical aspect of implant placement including flapdesign and suturing technique. This presentation will review the limitation of currently available CAD/CAM systems and corresponding possible clinical complications, solutions, and prevention. The most updated surgical protocol of the NeoNavi Guide surgery and its related clinical data will be presented step by step surgical procedure demonstration. At the end of the course, a hands-on training session will be provided focusing on CAD/CAM Guided implant placement. 



During the course, lecturer will discuss on fundamental concepts of implant prosthodontics, various prosthetic treatment option and techniques for single implant crown case including abutment selection, impression, and occlusion.

Jun. 25, 2023 Digital Guided Implant & Prosthetic Course

  • Dr. Joo Hyung Kim / COURSE DIRECTOR

    - Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry

    - Advanced Prosthodontics, USC School of Dentistry

    - Director, Park Avenue Cosmetic Dentistry

    - Member, American College of Prosthodontics

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