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✓ Review of Medical History

✓ Minimally Invasive Extraction Techniques

✓ Socket Preservation

✓ Autograft, Allograft, Xenograft, Alloplast                                                        - what does it all mean? When do you use what?

✓ What options other than "bone grafting" do we have                                for horizontal and vertical bone deficiencies?

✓ Crestal Approach Sinus Augmentation

✓ Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation

✓ Membrane and Particulate Guided Bone Regeneration

May 15, 2022 Predictable Implant Dentistry for General Dentists

  • Dr. Jaewoo Cho, D.D.S / COURSE DIRECTOR

    - Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), UCLA School of Dentistry

    - Principal Dentist, Diamond Bar Dental Studio,

      Diamond Bar, CA & Monte Vista Dental Group, Montclair, CA

    - Member, Spear Study Club Advisory Board, 

      West  Coast Study Club (Seattle Study Club)

    - Member, Pacific Implant Academy

    - Member, International Congress of Oral Implantologists

    - Member, Academy of General Dentistry

    - Director, Global Academy of Osseointegration (GAO)

    - Clinical Faculty, NeoBiotech USA

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