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Mineralized Cort/Canc 1000- 2000um (Chip)

  • VeraGraft™ Mineralized Cortico-Cancellous Allograft Particulate provides a safe alternative to an autograft with no need for a second surgical site.  The Cortico-Cancellous mixture offers the best of both cortical bone and cancellous bone by combining the two properties together the clinicians has a longer lasting space maintenance with 50% cortical bone and faster remodeling with 50% cancellous bone.


    VeraGrafts Advantages:

    • Safe alternative to an autograft with no need for a second surgical site
    • Osteoconductive
    • A high quality alternative to existing mixed particulate allografts
    • Used for volumetric enhancement, space maintenance, and faster remodeling
    • Up to 3 Year Shelf Life
    • Remodels completely in 4 to 6 months
    • FDA Registered
    • Stringent Screening & Testing
    • Fully Accredited Member of The American Association of Tissue Banks
    • Product is shipped directly from the tissue bank to your office to eliminate any safety or storage concerns while reducing clinician costs
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