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This hands-on interactive workshop is designed for the non-surgical clinician. It is a combination of lecture material, hand-outs, videos of selected procedures and hands-on model surgery. The value of the techniques discussed is that it is accomplished with limited incision and mucoperiosteal flap reflection. The membrane is elevated to the

medial wall of the sinus without sharp dissection around roots of adjacent teeth. With this procedure, there is reduced morbidity, blood loss, operative time, post operative pain and complications.



• A. How to diagnose the patient for this procedure.

• B. Interpret CT-scans.

• C. Place implants into graft site.

• D. Perform crestal and lateral window techniques.

• E. Repair sinus membrane perforation.

• F. Handling complications.

• G. Autogenous membranes prepared from concentrated growth factors.

• H. SLA Technique to prepare lateral wall osteotomy.

Oct. 28, 2023 Sinus Graft Principle and Application

  • Dr. Dennis Hunt, D.D.S. / COURSE DIRECTOR

    Graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a D.D.S degree in 1994 and a Certificate in Periodontics in 1997. Received two research awards, one from the Academy of Ossteointergration for BMP research, and one from UCLA in microbiology. Was the periodontist for the Swan TV Show. Dr. Hunt has actively researched and tries new treatment adjuncts as they have appeared in the ever changing field of periodontics and implantology. Has published multiple papers in the field implantology and has been involved in continuing education for over 25 years. Currently, teaching as a guest lecturer at Gide Insitute in Los Angeles, local study clubs, live surgery courses in Mexico. Remains in private practice 3-4 days a week.

  • DATES & TIME :                                              

    Saturday, October 28th, 2023, 9:00PM~5:00PM                                           



    NeoBiotech Implant Las Vegas

    7895 West Sunset Road, Ste #101

    Las Vegas, NV 89113



    $500 (Including CE Certificate, Lunch & Beverage)


    CE CREDITS : 7 CE credits 



    Matthew Kim (Las Vegas Branch Manager)

    TEL : 626-696-7358

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