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During the seminar, various clinical cases of various implant prosthetic complication will be reviewed focusing on the cause, solution and prevention. Following topics will be also intensively discussed during the seminar.


  • Implant Crown Occlusion & Proximal Contact Adjustment and Verification
  • Implant Crown Emergence Profile and Functional Implant Crown Contour 
  • Preimplant Prosthesis Soft Tissue Management
  • Abutment Screw Loosening and Fracture 
  • Prosthesis, Abutment and Fixture Fracture 
  • Verification of Passive Fitting
  • Follow up protocol for Implant Prosthesis

Oct. 3, 2021 Implant Prosthetic Complication

  • Dr. Spencer S. Park  / COURSE DIRECTOR

    - Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA

    - Residency, Advanced Prosthodontics, UCLA School of Dentistry

    - Fellowship, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, UCLA School of  Dentistry

    - Former Prosthetic Director, Implant Dentistry, ACT program, UCLA 

    - Former Clinical Assoc. Professor, Division of Adv. Prosthodontics, UCLA

    - Director, GAO Education Center, CA

    - Director, SP Dental Clinic, CA

    - Clinical R&D consultant, Ray America

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