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OsteoGen Plug

  • OsteoGen® Plugs The One Step Bone Graft Solution for Socket Preservation


    * We have taken a collagen plug and filled it with our OsteoGen® Bone Graft resulting in the easiest and most affordable way to graft your extraction sites

    * Just deliver the Plug dry into a bleeding extraction site following curettage and debridement to induce a regional acceleratory phenomenon and suture over top

    * The OsteoGen® Plug combines our OsteoGen® Bioactive Resorbable Calcium Apatite with a bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix to create a structure that mimics the organic and inorganic components of physiologic bone.

    * The Bovine Achilles Tendon collagen carries the bone graft for easy and efficient delivery to the site, eliminating the hassle and time spent mixing and packing particulate grafts while also eliminating the potential for graft wash out.

    * OsteoGen® is a bioactive and resorbable calcium apatite crystal bone graft that is physicochemically & crystallographically similar to human bone.

    * The Type I collagen acts as a wound dressing not only to stabilize the clot, but also to absorb and deliver blood flow to the slowly resorbing graft, a feature critical for the initiation of bone formation and early angiogenesis.

    * The collagen found in the OsteoGen® Plug provides a scaffold for keratinized tissue to develop over the grafted site.

    * Radiolucent on day of surgery Radiopaque in 3-6 months

    * Non-Ceramic highly porous crystals physicochemically similar to trabecular bone

    * OsteoGen® Plugs have a 4 year of shelf life

    * OsteoGen® Crystals and crystal clusters proven safe, reliable and clinically effective for use with implants for over 30 years

    * Available in Large: 10mm in Diameter x 20mm in Length, or Slim: 6mm Diameter x 25mm in length

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