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✓ Bone grafting is a useful adjunct and often a prerequisite for site development for placing dental implants and for optimizing the alveolar ridge for fixed and removable dental protheses.

✓ Some of these applications include: Ridge preservation/extraction socket preservation. / Horizontal alveolar augmentation. / Maxillary sinus grafting.

✓ Periimplantitis management and implant maintenance and salvage.

✓ Common bone graft materials include allograft, autograft, xenograft and combinations of one or more.

✓ The typical of the shelf bone graft materials have the consistency of table sugar. Once hydrated and/or added to whole blood, it becomes more viscous an easier to handle. But still hard to control and contain, remaining for the most part, granular and particulate.

✓ Adding portions of the patient’s own autodonated whole blood product to the bone graft results in a quantum leap in the appearance, handling and applications of the graft in addition to bringing this concentrate of growth factors to the surgical site.

✓ Implications on wound healing, hemostasis, swelling and pain management will be presented.

✓ Delta Dental Code (————): “Collection and application of autologous blood concentrate product.” has already been made readily available for routine bone grafting procedures.

✓ A peripheral vein whole blood draw is required.

✓ A centrifuge machine and paraphernalia is required. The Medifuge system will be shown and made available in this course. ✓ Case presentations. 





✓ To be exposed to CGF (concentrated growth factors) and PRF (platelet rich factors) as a membrane and fibrin glue technology.

✓ How these factors can be harvested and isolated from the patient’s whole donated blood.

✓ To see and apply approaches to venipuncture: Butterfly technique versus angiocatheter (Seldinger) needle-over-catheter techniques.

✓ Exposure to additional classes dedicated exclusively to phlebotomy, short course and long/licensing courses.

✓ Venipuncture, collection of blood specimens using butterfly and angiocatheter techniques.

✓ How to isolate concentrated growth factors from whole blood as an additive to the bone graft.

✓ How to make PRF membranes and various applications for PRF membranes.

✓ To review and critique clinical cases using these technologies.

✓ Question and Answer 

Sep. 26, 2021 Bone Grafting for Implant Dentistry incorporating CGF

  • Dr. Bassem Farid, D.D.S. / Oral Surgeon  / COURSE DIRECTOR

    • Bassem Farid D.D.S. began his studies at U.C.L.A. with an undergraduate B.S. in Biology with departmental honors in Biology in 1987-1992.

    • He earned his D.D.S. degree in 1996, and continued on to his general practice residency at the Veterans Administration Medical center, Wadsworth, in West Los Angeles from 1996-1997.

    • Dr. Farid attended Alameda County Medical, Highland Hospital between 1998-2002, completing his residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

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