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  • Sinus All Kit
    Comprehensive All-In-One Solution for Sinus Procedures

    Crestal Approach:
    Safely access the sinus with a specialized S-reamer, ensuring a 1mm safety margin even upon direct contact with the membrane utilizing attachable stopper system. 

    Advanced Lateral Approach:
    Utilize LS-reamer and C-reamer equipped with stoppers for precise window opening, enhancing safety during the lateral approach.

    Implant Placement:
    Complete implant placement with included surgical drills and fixture drivers, eliminating the need for additional kits and sterilization processes.

    Aqua System:
    Employ hydraulic techniques to delicately detach and elevate the sinus membrane with precision using saline administration through the Aqua Tap & Tube system, ensuring controlled injection and retraction.

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