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Transfer Abutment - IS Cemented Abutment (Hex Type)

  • IT-III Active: 
    Internal non-submerged implant for precise depth control during placement.


    S.L.A. Surface: 
    Minimizes osseointegration time, ensuring rapid bone integration.

    Special Body Design: 
    Enhances initial stability for immediate loading of prosthetics.

    Dual Gingiva Collar Type: 
    Accommodates various gingival heights with collar options of 1.8mm and 2.8mm.

    Deep & Wide Pitch: 
    Enlarged contact area between thread pitch and bone for increased stability and integration.

    Wide Cutting Edge: 
    Doubled cutting edge improves stability and facilitates implantation.

    Straight Neck: 
    Neck design enhances depth control without cortical bone obstruction.

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