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At NeoBiotech, our mission is to revolutionize the field of dental implantology by delivering innovative solutions that restore smiles and improve lives. We are committed to setting the highest standards of quality, precision, and patient care in the dental implant industry.

Our dedication to excellence is built on a foundation of cutting-edge research, development, and collaboration with leading professionals in the field. We strive to empower dental professionals with state-of-the-art implant systems that not only transform patient experiences but also enhance the overall quality of oral healthcare.

With a focus on patient well-being and satisfaction, NeoBiotech is driven by a commitment to innovation, ethics, and sustainability. We aim to advance the practice of dentistry by providing safe, reliable, and long-lasting dental implant solutions, offering patients a reason to smile with confidence.

Come join us on our path to shaping a future where dental health knows no limits. We are dedicated to restoring smiles with utmost precision and ensuring that NeoBiotech stands as the benchmark of excellence in dental implantology.

09.  2014    Neobiotech US Launching Symposium,

                   Las Vegas, USA

07.  2014    Selected for the World Class 300 Companies 

10.  2013    Launch Cameleon Milling Machine

06.  2013    Launch IT II Active


04.  2013    Neobiotech International Symposium,                                             Jeju Island, Korea

02.  2013    Established Neobiotech USA, Inc. (Los Angeles)

10.  2012    Neobiotech International Symposium, Seoul, Korea


                   Launch Prosthetic Kit / Accessory Kit 

06.  2012    Approve FDA of IS-II Active  


                   Launch NeoGuide System / I Brush

03.  2012    Launch GBR Kit    

10.  2011    Merged with Dentime (CADCAM)


06.  2011    Launch IS-II Active / Quicktight


                   Launch IS-II / S-Mini / ACM

10.  2009    Neobiotech Annual Symposium, Seoul, Korea


06.  2009    Launch SR · FR Kit

03.  2008    Obtained the patent of CMI Implant


                   Launch SCA · SLA Kit

09.  2007    Merged with Osscare Co., Ltd.

07.  2007    CMI Implant (External Type)


11.  2004    Acquired FDA Certification 

07.  2000    Established Neobiotech Co., Ltd.

10.  2019    Launch Varo Guide System

06.  2019    Established a local corporation in India


05.  2018    Launch IT-III Active


10.  2017    Established a local corporation in Shanghai, China


08.  2017    Launch AnyCheck


05.  2017    Established a local corporation in Europe · Taiwan 


03.  2017    Launch Ridge Wider Kit


02.  2017    Launch T-Brush


01.  2017    Launch IS-III Active 


10.  2016    Neobiotech World Symposium, Seoul, Korea

07.  2016    Launch EZ-GBR Kit

06.  2016    Neobiotech International Symposium,                                             Los Angeles, USA


02.  2016    Established Neobiotech Thailand, Inc. 

12.  2015    Top Prize for 10 Million Dollar Export 

10.  2015    Neobiotech World Symposium, Seoul, Korea   


07.  2015    Established a local corporation in Beijing, China


                   Neobiotech  Latin Symposium, Acapulco, Mexico

06.  2015    Neobiotech Middle East Symposium,

                   Dead Sea, Jordan


05.  2015    Neobiotech Euro Symposium, Krakow, Poland

04.  2015    Launch Cameleon CS

10.  2014    Neobiotech Annual Symposium, Seoul, Korea

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