* S.L.A Surface

Osteoconductive S.L.A Surface :  The S.L.A. surface of IS-II active has a combination of macropores and micropores formed by HA(Hydroxy Apatite) sandblasting with a particle size less than 50μm and acid etching. This is used as a form of coating to increase the biocompatibility of the implants. The more the surface area, the more direct bone-toimplant contact that stimulates osteoblasts and boosts blood flow leading to a faster and effective osseointegration.Furthermore, it has no impurities on the implant surface. No residual acid or cytotoxicity was observed in the surface examination.


* Strong Initial Stability

Magic Thread :  Magic Thread with the inverted triangular shaped powerful deep thread helps to achieve strong and stable initial fixation and also this special design allows to endure vertical and lateral forces effectively.

Apex :  Apex is powerful in drilling and due to this selfcompactable and tapered apex design, initial fixation is easily achieved. 

Coronal Macro Thread  :  Coronal macro thread helps to achieve excellent primary stability at the cortical bone and initial fixation at the apex is  excellent, therefore IS-II active works great in both immediate placement and immediate loading. 


* Minimizing Bone Loss

BioSeal :  The bioseal design of IS-II active implant is Neobiotech’s unique design to maintain marginal bone. BioSeal has a curved S shape with the application of 0.5mm micro grooves on the machined surface. This design is invented to minimize the bone loss by maximizing soft tissue sealing.

IS-II Active Fixture

  • Non-Sensitive Technique C.M.I. Implant

    100% Pure Titanium S.L.A. Surface.

    Residual Accidity and cytotoxicity are proved as none

    by the examination of surface ingredient analysis.