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IS-II Active Fixture

  • Non-Sensitive Technique C.M.I. Implant

    100% Pure Titanium S.L.A. Surface.

    Residual Accidity and cytotoxicity are proved as none

    by the examination of surface ingredient analysis.


    S.L.A Surface:
    The IS-II Active implant features a specialized S.L.A. surface created through HA sandblasting and acid etching. This enhances biocompatibility and accelerates osseointegration without impurities.


    Strong Initial Stability:
    With its Magic Thread design and tapered apex, the IS-II Active ensures strong initial fixation, resisting vertical and lateral forces effectively. Its coronal macro thread provides excellent primary stability, ideal for immediate placement and loading.


    Minimizing Bone Loss:
    The BioSeal feature maintains marginal bone with its curved S shape and 0.5mm microgrooves, promoting soft tissue sealing and reducing bone loss.

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