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Designed as a one-body mini implant (cement type) specifically for situations with limited available space and minimal bone, such as in the anterior mandibular region. The S-mini implants offer a secure and predictable solution, supported by extensive studies with long-term follow-up, ensuring safe placement and successful outcomes.


For Over Denture (RBM Surface)

(Ball Type) 

The S-MINI FIXTURE (Ball Type) is specially designed for edentulous patients with narrow ridges,
where regular-diameter implants may not fit.
It features a microgroove on the fixture platform area,
which not only improves gum support sealing
but also helps prevent bone loss.

This implant system simplifies the fabrication of dentures
by using a retainer and lab analog, offering an easy and convenient solution. It is recommended to apply a denture torque of 30Ncm or less for optimal results.


One-body & Straight Tapper Structure
(RBM Surface)

(Cemented Type)

This one-piece implant with a straight taper

structure and RBM surface is specifically tailored

for narrow ridges, such as those in the anterior

mandible. Its fixture platform incorporates

a microgroove to enhance gum support and prevent bone loss. Moreover, it boasts an optimized abutment design, enabling the seamless placement of prosthetics without the need for removal. We recommend applying a denture torque of 30Ncm or less for optimal results.

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